Company Profile

GSA Cargo Services is the largest cargo GSA in QueenslandWho are we?

With business offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, and sales activities throughout Australia and New Zealand, GSA Cargo Services is the ideal partner for international airlines seeking cost-effective cargo representation throughout the Oceania Region.

Company history

GSA Cargo Services was established in September 2001 to better promote international carriers and market their cargo network to Australian and New Zealand exporters. Since our inception, our marketing and communications strategies have generated significant growth opportunities for our customer airlines.

Our local knowledge and expertise are key factors in assisting international airlines to establish a successful Australia-wide profile – a profile that is supported by a broad client-base and increased cargo sales. Through our recent expansion into New Zealand we can now offer carriers a greater level of representation throughout the Oceania Region.

More about us - GSA Cargo Services

GSA Cargo Services is a privately owned company specialising in cargo sales and marketing for international carriers throughout Australia and New Zealand. The company is owned and managed by industry professionals who are experienced in developing business strategies and niche marketing opportunities that better promote the cargo capabilities of our carriers.

GSA Cargo Services provides 'made-to-measure' solutions that meet the needs of both our clients and our customer airlines, and is setting new levels of service in the cargo industry. Our clients have recognized our professionalism, expertise and commitment – attributes that have made our company a competitive operation from the outset.

Our ability to provide a high-quality service stems from our:
• Attention to detail and dedication to serving our client’s best interests.
• Knowledge of local market conditions.
• Excellent rapport with exporters, freight forwarders and cargo terminal operators.
• Professional sales staff with decades of freight related experience.
• Flexibility: our philosophy is to maintain a flexible attitude towards our customer’s requests with a view to always improving our service levels.
• Facilities: our offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland are located on-airport.
• Australia-wide reservations centre offering a national toll-free number – 1300 797 767
• Sales and marketing strategies that include face-to-face sales calls, brand promotion, electronic and phone marketing activities and Web page promotion.

IATA – CASS Member

GSA Cargo Services is a member of IATA’s Cargo Accounts Settlement System (CASS).
IATA-CASS has simplified the billing and accounting systems throughout Australia and New Zealand and offers enhanced financial security for both the airline and the GSA. As a result, IATA CASS is GSA Cargo Services’ preferred method of revenue collection.